We help employers to find suitable staff

There’s no denying that if you love what you do, you can do it more easily and with greater enthusiasm and exhilaration.

Placed Hospitality Recruitment aims to find you candidates who will LOVE their new job!

In our own first-hand experience in the kitchen and on the floor, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. The job of being a Chef or Manager is not always easy and we get that. We speak your language and understand the needs of both the business and the candidate.

The thing about hospitality is, it’s a tough business. To get those bums on seats and dollars in the till involves far more than expert menu creation, décor and marketing. It’s about creating an experience for the dining patron, something akin to theatre where front-of-house – and an open kitchen – is the stage and all the staff are performers. You need them to be in character, in costume and equipped with the right frame of mind.

Behind the scenes can be like the front line of a war zone; one false move and chaos ensues. All the strategic manoeuvres in the world won’t make a shred of difference without the right leaders and foot soldiers.

For both scenarios, you need staff who are on point, serious about their work and who take great pride in their skills and professionalism. Our job is to find the right candidates and match them with what you need.

Contacts in all the right places

The old adage “it’s who you know” really rings true for us at Placed Hospitality Recruitment. Through our many combined years in the hospitality industry, we’ve accumulated quite a ‘little black book’ of contacts. Chances are excellent that if we don’t have who you need on our books, we’ll have the contacts and network to be able to find them. Our recruitment process is thorough and complete so you only need the one point of contact for the entire assignment.

You’re way too busy to look for staff

We know how many balls you have to keep in the air on any given day. Finding staff is one of the greatest challenges and headaches in any hospitality business. Finding great staff seems like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. And every time you put someone on just because you don’t have the time to find someone more suitable or sufficiently qualified, you waste even more time and more money, and the threads holding your team together grow weaker and weaker. Our recruitment strategy is always tailored to suit exactly what you’re looking for.

Hospitality from all angles

Why choose us? We specialise in hospitality recruitment. One day, we could be supplying a casino with general managers, bar supervisors and chefs and the next, we could be interviewing sommeliers and world-class restaurant managers for a two hat restaurant. Our employer clients vary from cafes and casinos, through to many hatted venues, clubs, premium aged care facilities and other businesses requiring polished, specialist personnel.

Whatever your hospitality staffing needs, we are on hand to assist with supplying the right people for the job.