Find the Right Candidate

Every recruitment agency talks about the ‘right’ candidate, but there is more to recruitment than just seeking the right Chef or Manager. The human mindset can be quite unpredictable and sometimes today’s right candidate can turn out to be tomorrow’s wrong employee. Keeping that person on can undermine the cohesiveness of your core team but terminating them can be fraught with its own set of complications. Then, having to refill the position all over again can be endlessly frustrating.

At Placed Recruitment we look for more than the right candidate and focus on ultimately finding the person who will be the best suited for the job. We do this by looking beyond the checklist of a person’s work history, employment stability, industry recognition, experience and skills. Naturally all those criteria are important, but recruitment is a business that is inherently about people. We believe that the human element cannot be overlooked so we make it our goal to get to know what drives the person and what makes them, them.

We match people with businesses

We search for that something else, the added spark, the rare qualities that will ‘make things happen’ and we are not satisfied until we find the perfect Chef or Manager for your business.

We tap into what the candidate is looking for and what he/she really wants and often, these are two very different things. By asking the appropriate questions, we can help the candidate to define what they want so that we can fit them with the most appropriate position. That way, everybody’s needs are met.

We look for those rare and sometimes indefinable qualities in the candidate such as their personality and potential.

The energy and focus we apply to getting it beyond ‘just right’ for both employer and candidate, guarantee success for all.

Understanding your goals

In order to place the ideal candidate into your work environment, we seek to understand both your short and long-term goals so we can recruit for your needs now and for the future. Ideally, we would consider ‘the right candidate’ to be someone who is adaptable and dynamic, someone who can follow the evolution of your business as it grows and changes shape to suit the market.

Hand over the task to us

The wonderful thing about engaging us to find the right candidate for your needs is that you don’t need to be concerned with the machinations. We handle everything including screening, credential-checking, shortlisting and interviewing, right through to the offer stage. After all, it’s what we specialise in and you can continue with your usual day-to-day tasks while we get to work filling your vacancies.

Basically, whenever you have a hospitality position that needs filling, you can simply call us up, explain your requirements and know that we will take over for you, keeping you informed of progress at regular intervals.

We look forward to being of assistance to you and demonstrating that we can find the right candidate for your mid level roles through to your executive and management positions.